When I mention Sophrology to people, they ask me “What is that?” or “How do you spell it?” What is more exciting, is the response I receive after doing a trial exercise with people – just so that they experience what Sophrology really is.

Sophrology is a wellbeing technique that comprises of various breathing techniques, simple and effective exercises, visualizations, meditation/mindfulness and many additional techniques added to it.  It is a structured, highly effective holistic program that works the mind, body and spirit simultaneously.

It Harmonizes/Activates/Stimulates/Rejuvenates all cells of the body, organs, glands, systems, bones, muscles & skin.  Exercise techniques are used to specifically focus on different parts of the body.  Sophrology can be done at any point of the cancer patient’s journey. The simple/gentle exercises and techniques can be done in various sitting positions, standing or lying down (if fatigued).   Exercises and techniques can be customized to suit your needs throughout the patients’ journey.  There is no touching done by the Sophrologist.

Cancer is often one of the most stressful experiences of a person’s life. Coping with cancer can be more challenging with added stress from work, family, and financial concerns. Many cancer patients fear about whether the treatment will work and the side effects.   Major fears for cancer survivors is that the cancer may return after treatment or they may worry about having late side effects of cancer treatment that occur months or years after treatment ends.  This constant worry causes patients to focus on every potential symptom they have, even if it is not cancer related. This leads to an increase in stress, tension and anxiety which negatively impacts one emotional and physical state.

Sophrology helps you to cope with trauma, stress, tension, depression and anxiety.  It helps you to overcome your “fears” and enables you to be in control of your body/mind/spirit.  Effective breathing/exercise techniques – keeps you calm, relaxed, manages pain endurance, improves oxygen intake and blood circulation. This also helps release muscle/bone/organ soreness or stiffness.  In addition, the gentle techniques help the body to recover, therefore strengthening your physical and mental wellbeing. It also strengthens and improves ALL systems of the body, to optimize future functionality.

Existing & being practiced in Europe for over 55 years, Sophrology produces optimal health and wellbeing and has proven to be superior to other wellness initiatives.

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