The benefits of Therapeutic Reflexology for breast cancer sufferers are numerous…..

Because reflexology deals with the whole person, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, we as practitioners take the whole person into account when treating them. The patient is not just a cancer suffer, but are a whole person who has a life beyond their illness … They are someone’s sister, daughter, mother or child.

Their life, and who they are is as important for them to share with us, (if they choose to), over and above their illness and what they are going through, so during their time with us, a lot of counseling takes place due to the sheer nature of one on one therapy in a warm, safe environment. Because reflexology is all about touch, generally this allows the person feel safe and share their fears and their pain.

The actual reflexology therapy works into specific pressure points on both their feet and their hands, working along energy fields, as it were in your bodies, to improve organ function, detoxing systems and bringing about a homeostasis in the body. The effects of the chemotherapy drugs can and do affect not only the cancer cells, but also can and do disrupt normal bodily functions, such as bowel movements, respiratory functions, headaches, nausea, etc but to mention a few. The reflexology has proven to help balance and normalize function and bring about an ease in the system.

Through my 15 years of experience, I’ve seen such positive effects on the patient and how they deal and cope with their illness both physically and emotionally. I find I learn how to be brave myself through the struggle of my patients and how hard they work at fighting their illness. It is a privilege and an honor to treat cancer patients.

As an alternative practitioner, I work alongside with many of the doctors and oncologists. It is not our place to medicate the patient – that is for the doctors to do, but we do suggest and counsel the patient quite extensively about their diet – offering suggestions and guidance, again taking the person and their environment into account.

Cancer in itself knows no boundaries, race, age, color or creed. I’ve treated people in all walks of life and am happy to help whenever I can.

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