Hypnotherapy and Cancer

The LRRH Reconditioning Technique, Debbie Howes

The mind body connection as far healing in patients that have cancer is addressed via a projective story telling technique.  The underlying, core unconscious belief systems and emotional patterns are identified and reprocessed via the technique which incorporates hypnotherapeutic principles and processes.  These unconscious dynamics will lead to patterns and behaviours which are self defeating and self destructive.  This in turn leads to destructive and addictive eating cycles, coping mechanisms and behaviours which are not life sustaining. The body mirrors these dynamics and disease results and persists until they have been addressed and reprocessed.

Our conscious belief systems and patterns are very different to that of the unconscious mind which determines to a large extent the results in life. Consciously an individual has awareness about life and how to act etc., only to find that something different emerges.  This is due to the fact that this intellectual information does not bridge easily to where it counts, to the unconscious mind.

An individual tells a children’s story which holds the dynamics of the unconscious mind. The way in which they tell the story will indicate the underlying relevant mechanisms and processes that need to be addressed.  A 6 phase process serves to reeducate the unconscious mind relative to themes including anger management, assertiveness training as well as reinstating a belief in solutions and support where missing.

Common unconscious themes that occur with clients with cancer include:

Symbolic death of the inner child,
Lack of emotional support
Confusion of truth vs illusion
Inability to believe in solutions
Challenges to act constructively and have impact
Low sense of self worth
Denial as a coping mechanism
Stagnation and paralysis of forward movement.
Loss of future vision

By reprocessing these dynamics and desensitizing them to that of empowering and life affirming patterns and belief systems, positive prognosis is fostered.  Changes are corresponding made in the individual’s life which align with growth and expansion as opposed to destruction and stagnation.
A new future vision is instilled which provides a reference point to aspire to and achieve.

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