Ishana Maharaj

Sophrology is a Swiss wellbeing technique that comprises of various breathing techniques, simple and effective exercises, visualizations, a bit of hypnosis, meditation/mindfulness and many more techniques added to it.  It is a structured, highly effective holistic program that works the mind, body and spirit simultaneously.  Sophrology can be done at any point of the cancer patient’s journey – diagnosis, during treatments (operations/chemotherapy/radiation) and after surviving cancer.  The simple/gentle exercises and techniques can be done in various sitting positions, standing or lying down (if fatigued). Sophrology helps you to cope with trauma, stress, tension, depression and anxiety.  It helps you to overcome your “fears” and enables you to be in control of your body/mind/spirit.

As a Sophrology Practitioner, I customize exercises to suit each patient’s needs.  Existing & being practiced in Europe for over 55 years, Sophrology produces optimal health and wellbeing and has proven to be superior to other wellness initiatives.

Ishana Maharaj

Sophrology Practitioner

Cell:  +2782 799 4311