Compassionate Companion

As a compassionate companion my strength lies in my ability to empathize and sympathize with all those that are suffering with different traumas and illnesses. I pledge to be a shoulder to lean on both physically and emotionally. I have so much love, time, patience and a deep compassion to share with those in need.

I will accompany you to your doctors appointments, chemo, treatments as well as be there to encourage and assist in everyway. Part of my duties would include helping you to dress, lifts, collecting medicines, taking care of you on those days that your treatment has flattened you! I can assist in many areas such as holding you as you throw up, making a meal, listening, counselling, and encouraging.

This position is not a job but a calling – however I would need to charge a fee as this is also my only income. Prices will be based on merit. I have contactable references.

If you have a need or require any further information, please contact me and I will be too happy to assist.

Contact Details:

Michelle Jacobs
073 1833 417