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Feel Better with a Pamper by Hospital Trained Staff

Being in hospital is never easy. The longer you’re there during recovery, the harder it is to look your best. Hospital Spoils is dedicated to making you look good and feel better during your stay in hospital.

Dr Claire Mitchell, a Johannesburg-based surgeon launched Hospital Spoils, a specialist mobile spa service, after discovering through first-hand experience with her patients that they felt better about themselves and had more effective recovery after being pampered.

Manicures, pedicures, massages and even a gentle hair wash and blow dry are on offer, allowing patients the opportunity to not only look and feel better, but also to experience the wonderful healing power of touch. Looking better motivates them to get better, while the relaxation afforded by the pampering is both soothing and therapeutic.

The Hospital Spoils therapists have been specially trained by Dr Claire Mitchell to take into account the medical needs of each patient and to be extra vigilant regarding issues like sterility, infection control and to handle any possible emergencies that could occur.

At present, the service is available to patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and admin staff at all hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and residences in Northern Johannesburg.

To book simply call or WhatsApp 083 778 4741.

For more information go to www.hospitalspoils.co.za