My name is Simone and through ‘The Sim-ONE Way’ in 2002 I created and compiled my own Meditation Courses, namely ‘Mental Healing through Guided Meditation’, which I facilitated for over 10 years. There are many benefits by meditating, just to mention a few: improves concentration; relieves anxiety; establishes trust and integrity; enriches friendships and relationships; encourages self discipline; brings joy, love, peace and harmony into the family; releases boundless creativity. Some ‘tools’ to work with in the Courses to assist one to: visualize; self imagery; release tension and stress; practical experiential exercises; re discover the True Inner Self and loving oneself; learn to transform negative situations.

Natural Energy Healing has also been practised on clients. To mention a few benefits: heighten their awareness; help clear blockages on different levels and relax with a Guided Meditation.

Spiritual and Transformational Counselling has been beneficial to clients to mention a few: dealing with bereavement; anxiety; depression; anger; various relationships.

Channelled Readings through Automatic Writing have assisted clients with guidance to be able to move forward in their lives in a positive way for whatever their issues might be. It is an insightful, inspirational and spiritual Reading, giving one ‘tools’ to help one to grow and develop on all levels. It is not a fortune telling, however, the information provided is valuable and useful to the client.

My intent and purpose is to accommodate breast cancer patients by utilising my various modalities, so they find and re discover their True Inner Selves to be able to live in peace, joy and harmony by healing and experiencing the body, mind and soul in unity.

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