About Us

Who we Are

Kyara Bergstrom

Chief Operating Officer

I have been working for Prof Benn for over ten years in the field of research and patient navigation. Her compassion and dedication are what inspires me as well as her passion to teach others. After losing my best friend to breast cancer and seeing my family members affected by various different cancers, I saw there was a need to help patients with information as well as helping them find therapists or practitioners to guide them on their journey.

I have seen the fear in patients when they get diagnosed and the need for extra help and compassion, out of this The Pink Parasol was born.  I am so grateful to Prof Benn for giving me the opportunity to start the Pink Parasol.

Muhammad Moosajee

Business Manager

9 years ago I lost my older brother to Cancer. At the time there was more than enough information out there, but not enough support. I also saw the value in complimentary health in the physiotherapy sessions my brother had. After those sessions he was even more positive and optimistic than before. Even though he might not have lived longer than his time, his last week’s and days were filled with love, happiness and hope.

The Pink parasol project provides all the support and information that cancer patients need, and at the same time it brings together conventional and complimentary health for the best care of the patients.

A Saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad( Peace be upon Him)

“Leave alone that which is doubtful and adhere to that which is free from doubt; for truth is reassuring and falsehood is disturbing.”

I feel this applies to the Pink Parasol Project exactly; our goal is to reassure and support Cancer patients not to disturb or overwhelm them.

Annica Rust

Marketing and Dietician

Cancer is a complex disease and truly needs to be treated in a holistic manner and requires all 4 pillars of healing. The 4 pillars of healing include: physical, mental, feeling good and spiritual.

With a family history of cancer, I have been confronted with the challenges that cancer can have on a family. Multi-disciplinary care has made a remarkable difference to address the 4 pillars of healing to improve the length of hospital stay and recovery for my family members.

The Pink Parasol is designed to ease the search for practitioners or therapists to ensure that all the needs during your cancer journey are addressed. I have joined the team to give evidence-based nutritional therapy.

Stephan van Kampen

Website Designer

Probably just like you, sometime in your life, you were touched by the darkness of cancer. I choose to rather look at my Grandma, though, who was one that set out to be a light in that darkness. She ran a cancer support group for many years until her own health forced her to step down. She still keeps these patients close to her heart like family. This, however, taught me how far a little light can go.

Joining Pink Parasol is my way of being a little flicker of light as I assist in running and maintaining the website. It’s a privilege for me to use my gifts to contribute to this lighthouse Pink Parasol has become. 

Jonathan Kruger

UX Developer

I lost my gran to breast cancer when I was young. I don’t remember her but I see how much my mom misses her. My girlfriend works in the medical environment with breast cancer.

I came aboard the Pink Parasol after hearing about courageous stories and seeing the dedicated doctors.