Kim Grossett

Hi! I am Kim Grossett. I am a Physiotherapist and a Breast Cancer Survivor. Since my diagnosis and surgery in 2011, I have spent an extensive amount of time researching therapy for BC survivors, to minimise the complications following that. Using my experience, I am able to help patients who are battling with scar tissue tightness, weakness, pain, lymphoedema, and difficulties with activities of daily living.  I am able to manage my own complications with a combination of Physiotherapy and Exercise. I would be very happy to help you to regain your quality of life.

Your physiotherapist is an integral part of your breast cancer team

Immediately after surgery, it is important to start with gentle gliding of the tissues to prevent stiffness and tightness around the surgical site. Gentle, targeted exercise will also assist with the stabilisation of the neck and shoulder area.

In the months following surgery, and radiation, as the connective tissue matures, treatment will be progressed to minimise symptoms of pain, stiffness and muscular spasm. The correct exercise will also be progressed to strengthen your core stabilisers, and integrate you back into a conventional exercise program.

If at any time after surgery, you present with swelling in your arm ( called lymphoedema), a therapist is able to assist with drainage techniques ,advice and education to help to reduce the swelling, and to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Physiotherapists are specially trained to assess any neuro-musculoskeletal condition (any condition involving the muscles, joints and nerves). You will be offered a full assessment and comprehensive treatment for any dysfunction caused by disease, trauma or injury. Eg: neck or back stiffness or pain ; or a sports injury .

Chest clearance is another treatment available from your Physio. If your lungs are congested or tight, we assist with clearance of mucous plugs and good breathing techniques.

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