Embracing Anxiety came to life due to the author’s intense personal trauma, followed by extreme academic research and rubber stamped by the workshops and coaching sessions that has since been done using the “embracing anxiety” model.
In “Embracing Anxiety” An Bakkes shares an ongoing journey that requires commitment to self, the willingness to become comfortable with life’s discomfort and the courage to choose from a healthy space with every decision that needs to be made.

Content include:
• My story
“In April 2008 I fell pregnant against all odds. In September I was diagnosed with cancer. The oncologist and other specialists guessed that I would live for more or less another 6 months. The terms complexity and uncertainty gained new meaning during this time in our lives….”
• Let’s look at Anxiety

• The model
o The four pillars
o The five steps

• The four pillars of the model
o Suspended Judgement
o Observation
o Love
o Gratitude

• The 5 Steps of Embracing Anxiety
o Identify the fear
o Look at the belief system that supports your fear
o The role anxiety plays in the body and emotions
o How do I behave when I am anxious and afraid
o Choice, how do I choose

An Bakkes has a BCom in Sports Management, BA Hons in Psychology, Diploma in Coaching (USB), and a MPhil in Management Coaching. An is a Master Coach, Facilitator & Agile Coach. She is a pilgrim of life that spends her time engaging with her passions. These passions include coaching, interactive workshops, facilitation and conversations that shape people, organisations and the world. An’s journey includes executive and senior management roles as well as managing mergers and acquisitions. An brings versatility and insight that stretches across disciplines, knowledge domains and different industries.

“To learn from the wisdom and insight of somebody who has made sense of chaotic and disruptive life events is truly a privilege. Not only does An allow us an honest insight into her journey but she also abundantly shares how she found factors such as trust, vulnerability, gratitude, acceptance and hope to provide meaningful ways in dealing with anxiety and despair. Her insights, not only made a difference in managing her own anxiety but will keep on making a difference to those around her and to you the reader.”
Dr Jopie de Beer, CEO: JvR Africa Group, Managing Director: JvR Psychometrics

“I was really moved by your story, and the way you’ve not only picked yourself up but also found it in your heart to offer a map, and with it hope, to so many others who find themselves in similar dark places. You have my respect and admiration for the work that you’re doing.”
Dr Michael Mol, Medical Doctor, Executive Television Producer, Presenter, International Speaker and Business Consultant

ISBN: 978-1-86922-658-9
ISBN: 978-1-86922-659-6 (ePDF)
Format: +-200pp (Soft cover)
Price: R 299.00
Publication Date: 28 February 2017

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